1. Reach Out (Sonic Element Mixes)
    Activa & Rolo Green ft Julie Harrington

  2. Titration
    Activa & Glynn Alan

  3. Movement: One

  4. I Wanted You

  5. Origins [Expanded Edition]

  6. A Light In The Dark
    Activa vs. Mac & Monday

  7. I Will Breathe Again
    Activa & Shannon Hurley

  8. Hypnotic

  9. Origins

  10. Tri-Series Part Three

  11. Tri-Series Part Two

  12. Tri-Series Part One

  13. Activa Percussion Essentials (Sample Library)

  14. To The Point (Remixed)

  15. To The Point

  16. This World (Extended)

  17. This World (Mixed)

  18. Karma
    Substate vs. Solarsky

  19. The Liquid Collection (Extended)

  20. Away From This (Tim Bourne Remix) [Single]
    Activa ft. Julie Harrington

  21. Airwalk / Waking Dream [Free Download]
    Jay Stephens

  22. Midnight (Jay Stephens Remix) [Single]

  23. Another Day [Single]

  24. The Generate Collection (Extended)

  25. Reflection [Single]
    Activa pres. Force One

  26. Rise Above / Get On With It [Single]

  27. Remember / Disclosure [Single]

  28. Progression / In Motion [Free Download]
    Solar Movement

  29. Embryo / Code Red [Single]
    Activa pres. Mekk V

  30. The Fall [Single]
    Activa vs. Revolution 9

  31. Heads Down / Consequence [Single]

  32. Echowave / Eternity [Free Download]
    Solar Movement

  33. My Way Out [Single]
    Activa ft. Cat Martin

  34. Stronger [Single]
    Activa ft. Julie Harrington

  35. Telic [Single]

  36. Resistance / Save Your Soul [Single]
    Activa pres. Mekk V

  37. Twisted / Restless [Single]
    Activa pres. Mekk V

  38. Sniper [Single]

  39. Wargame [Single]
    Activa & Peetu S

  40. Transmission [Single]

  41. Long Way Back [Single]
    Activa & Giuseppe Ottaviani

  42. Don't Leave Me [Single]

  43. U.R [Single]
    Activa vs. Chris & Matt Kidd

  44. End of Summer [Single]

  45. Affirmation [Single]

  46. This World [Single]

  47. Close Your Eyes / Liana [Single]
    Solar Movement

  48. Under The Sun [Single]
    Solar Movement

  49. Icewall [Single]
    Sonic Element & Solar Movement

  50. Panama [Single]

  51. Perception [Single]

  52. In Essence [Single]
    Activa ft. Aled Mann

  53. Exhale


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